Are you the Chesney Hawkes of estate agency?

Remember Chesney Hawkes?

I’m guessing most people do.

He is the poster boy of the one hit wonder phenomenon.

His record – I am the one and only – topped the charts in 1991. Then he vanished so suddenly it was almost a case for New Scotland Yard’s missing person’s department.

But what does Chesney’s 15 minutes of fame teach estate agents about winning new instructions?

Well last week I was reminded of something that made me think of Chesney.

I received a blog from a property professional which was brilliantly written, interesting and funny but had one fatal flaw.

I visited his blog page and found that this article was one of only two he’d published in 18 months.

He was pretty much the equivalent of Chesney and his one hit wonder.

The key is consistently getting in front of your market / audience.

That applies to blogs, newsletters, fliers, vlogs, you name it.

Obviously, it needs to be useful and interesting information you’re sharing but note that I haven’t said it needs to be brilliant. Often it’s about being seen rather than superb.

Why do you think Coke, Nike and McDonalds, never stop advertising?

They’re huge, everyone knows them, but they’re also smart enough to realise people forget you very quickly if you cease to be seen or heard.

And if you don’t believe that just ask Chesney.

Thanks for reading and here’s to your next instruction.


PS: Note that I didn’t use a pic of Mr Hawkes in this article. Why? Because of copyright reasons and that’s something I’m writing about in next week’s blog. If you want to know a couple of websites that offer copyright free images ping me an email with the subject line ‘Free Pics’.

PPS: When was the last time your agency sent out a printed newsletter? When did you last blog? Too busy? I can help so feel free to get in touch.

Jerry Lyons

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