Choose the Best Door Security Chain

We all know what door security or safety chains are, but did you know that there are some very poor quality products out there?

When you purchase a security product you want to be confident that it will do what you expect it to do. Door security chains are intended to allow a door to be opened just enough to allow communication with the caller and enable them to be identified. Your door chain and its fixings need to be strong enough to prevent an unwanted intruder from forcing their way into your home. So how can you tell whether one particular door security chain is any better than another?

Secured by Design Approved

In the United Kingdom there is a cool national police crime prevention initiative called ‘Secured by Design’ that works with all UK police forces, and many other organisations. Their aim is to achieve sustainable reductions in crime and help people live in a safer society. They do this by working closely with manufacturers, certification bodies, testing houses, architects, developers and local authority planners to design out crime using the principles of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) and physical security aspects.

Secured by Design approved products are produced by a SBD license holding manufacturers. They have undergone rigorous testing and appraisal to ensure that they meet required standards and will genuinely enhance security if installed and used correctly.

Secured by Design Approved Door Security Chains

There are many different door security chains on the market today, but most are low quality and don’t meet the criteria required for ‘Secured by Design’ approval. When selecting and installing a door safety or security chain it’s important to make certain that the chain, it’s brackets and fixings are all of a very high standard. Selecting only ‘Secured by Design’ approved products will ensure that you are purchasing a high quality product. is a widely respected, independent security solutions company, based in the UK. For over 25 years they have been supplying and designing effective security precautions for a wide range of clients and needs. They work extensively with public sector bodies including the prison service, police, schools and other educational organisations. They also have plenty of experience in implementing effective home security and selecting the best home security products. It’s therefore not surprising to find that the only door security chain product supplied by Insight Security is ‘Secured by Design’ approved. So you can be entirely confident that this high security door security chain has been appraised by police crime prevention professionals to ensure that it meets the extremely high standards required for SBD approval.

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