Choosing Which Type Of House Suits Your Personality Best

Choosing a house has so many factors to the decision, ranging from location, size, neighbourhood, garden space but what type of house suits someone’s personality? How do you know that the property type is right for you in that regard? We’ve seen what householder types exist before but let’s look at some different property types and what type of person they suit? Which one are you?

New Build Housing

With population expanding there are always new build housing estates popping up all over the country, in fact there are 184,000 per year built in England alone showing how many people live in these type of properties. But it’s generally families and young couples that move into this type of property, if you have not very much time for maintenance and DIY then a new build will suit you as it should be all new and therefore not needing too much, you’ll have a well insulated, warm and watertight property.

Country Farmhouse Or Cottage

A rural or old country property will be suited to the more romantic and old fashioned of us, not to say it’s for the elderly particularly though. It’s going to have a lot of charm and uniqueness compared to a much newer property although it can be possible there might be a lot of work needing done on a property like this so do your research properly before taking on such a property and get the services of a qualified and reputable surveyor employed before committing to any purchase.

Self-Build New Home

What could be be more exciting than finding your own plot and building custom homes on it? Well if that statement rings true then you are probably the thrill seeking, risk taking, adventurer that would be best suited to this type of property. It’s a great idea as you can have your home exactly as you want it but you will want to be careful to stick to a budget or else costs can quickly get out of control and you’ll be in a bit of trouble.

Inner-City Townhouse Or Apartment

You might want to be close to the city centre and all the noise, hustle, lights and attractions that brings. This is the young professionals domain or at least those without children. It’s a great lifestyle having everything on your doorstep for those with the lifestyle and income to be able to support it. There are many things to consider when hunting for an apartment in a large city so take your time and ensure you get what you want.

Traditional Suburban House

It’s no accident we’ve written about this one just after the inner-city one as life’s journey often has people who have just some from that set-up to be looking for a more suburban setting as they settle down and look to start a family. You’ll want to find good schools and transport links with plenty of parks and grocery shops available. You’ll be able to find like-minded neighbours and your kids will find loads of friends in a setting like this.

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