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The Importance of End of Tenancy Cleaning After COVID

Throughout the last few months, landlords up and down the country have faced an incredibly difficult time, whether that’s from the new government guidelines preventing tenants from being evicted or simply having struggling tenants themselves through widespread financial difficulties. With lockdown lifting however, the property industry is beginning to pick up momentum and with that, tenants are moving on and in some cases, desperate to move in.

Whether that means new tenants or a potential property sale for you, it still means one thing – an end of tenancy clean is required.

End of tenancy cleaning has become standard after tenants leave a property. Whether the tenants organise this or not, one thing is for sure, that end of tenancy clean has become more essential than ever before.

End Of Tenancy Cleans – Your Weapon Against COVID

End of tenancy cleans are far more thorough than your regular house clean. Considered the deepest of cleans, and then some, the end of tenancy clean covers everything from appliances to carpets, toilet pipework, window frames and virtually every inch of your home that a regular weekly clean wouldn’t reach. 

With COVID in mind however, it’s more important than ever that thorough and professional deep cleans are carried out as soon as a tenant leaves a property. 

Not only will this ensure a clean property awaits the next tenant, but it also ensures a clean and safe environment for potential viewers. As any landlord will know, time is money and an empty property is of no use. 

Getting your next tenant in, is crucial to ensure bills are paid and your business as a landlord is successful. Having an end of tenancy clean carried out as soon as your tenant has left will therefore allow you to have potential new tenants or in some cases, potential new purchasers in and viewing as quickly as possible. 

End of tenancy cleans after COVID will of course incorporate a few extra areas. By this, we mean that touch points will of course be a focal point as people move through the property from room to room. 

The safety of not only yourself but of those entering your property is of paramount importance and therefore the need for an end of tenancy clean after COVID has never been so crucial.

Contact Cleaning Express Today

If you’d like more information on end of tenancy cleaning, from prices to timings and even availability, we suggest contacting one of the most in-demand companies within the capital, Cleaning Express. The cleaning services in London and beyond, provided by Cleaning Express are highly detailed making sure you get the best end of tenancy cleaning for all property sizes throughout the city. Thanks to their team of highly trained staff, they provide a first-class service and are adapt when it comers to tackling end of tenancy cleans following the COVID-19 outbreak. 

With commercial cleaning fluids as well as professional machinery, Cleaning Express can provide you with the most professional end of tenancy clean you’ll find anywhere in London. Contact them today on 0203 633 0390.

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