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Cure your GDPR woes for just £75 – The fastest and Easiest way:

As owner and editor of a couple of major industry news channels that hold big email databases the whole topic of GDPR was of course interest to me. Just like many I am sure I put things off until the last minute when getting my websites GDPR compliant fell in to the critical stage, ie past the May 25th deadline. So I had to find a solution…

£75 setup, followed by £5.99 monthly excluding VAT

I am not sure if you readers will agree, but it seems to me that May 25th deadline date didn’t really effect the flow of emails I receive – To be honest I thought that the newsletters and direct email marketing would almost wipe themselves away from my inboxes and be down to just the handful of emails of which I had answered ‘Yes‘ to for being included in their email lists going forwards… Big companies such as Ryan Air, Silverstone Circuit, Barclay Card and more are still hitting my inbox – I never opted into your new privacy and security terms guys!!!

News of GDPR also shows us numerous cases already being highlighted where companies are being found guilty of breaking the new regs and under investigation so we also know that if the big companies can suffer heavy fines and are being targeted, then so will the medium and smaller companies be hit if they do not behave within time.

So the solution for Estate Agent Networking is to be GDPR compliant and importantly work with an experienced company that offers all the necessary requirements for your website / newsletters and also importantly keeps your site regularly updated as GDPR changes from month to month. As per our new GDPR policies below, they can not be simply one paragraphs anymore, you can not copy and paste from your rivals website, you need to be totally compliant and deal with every issue of security, cookie and privacy based on your business and your business alone – GDPR can be complicated as per here screenshots of our policies:

I researched solutions, yes even free solutions too, and results came back that there is in fact no easy nor quick fix way round things, a simple ‘we make sure your private data is kept under lock and key in our offices‘ is simply not enough as if you are taken to court over any unfortunate situation that may arise such as accidentally CC’ing in other peoples emails to a group message instead of BCC’ing then you are open to being found guilty and of course FINED! It has already happened with me, one of my private email addresses CC’d and included in a group email of 450 plus email addresses in receiving an update of an up and coming event – Privacy / security breach and I could very easily have made a claim and especially as I had not opted in to their new privacy and security terms which were only very basic on their website!

So the solution that Estate Agent Networking found is to run with a company that knows and takes away all the stress of GDPR and any regs, cookies, privacy settings etc you may need to keep in touch with your email lists / databases – RDT Systems and Jason Hawkins (who also runs a service for website builds for estate / letting agents). His service and offerings are below:

GDPR and Cookie Policy Service:

We help with the legal requirements, so you can focus on your business. Solicitor generated, policy solutions to make your website compliant with the latest GDPR and Cookie laws.

A fully managed solution to make your sites and apps compliant with the law. Your policies are updated whenever a service provider or legal change occurs.

We will analyse your website and add the appropriate services and clauses to your GDPR policy, in addition to creating a cookie policy and cookie notice for your website.

£75 setup, followed by £5.99 monthly excluding VAT



Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking and an internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Twitter and LinkedIn. Writes about UK property prices, housing and affordable homes.

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