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Well OK, the title may be a bit harsh on those still using paper for marketing, but I am sure many people will agree that newer and more innovative forms of marketing these days are giving businesses a far better and wider reach over print. We all know the power of the internet and how social media has transformed many people’s thinking towards finding new business today, so just how can we take this transformation and apply it to growing our ROI on our marketing spends?
We certainly need to speculate to accumulate when it comes to marketing our businesses, most times it is a gamble of which we can not be guaranteed success / results. Be it email marketing or PR, exhibiting at trade shows or sign writing our company cars, just what will work and how well it will deliver results will sometimes not always be plain sailing and I am sure many business owners who have a number of years under their belt of trading will agree that it can take time to find the perfect route to new business.
I am certainly not saying that we should ditch traditional forms of print media to acquire new business, but what I think we need to address is what extra we can be doing so that the interest our marketing receives puts us in a position where we can do our very best to capture it all rather than letting any interest slip through our fingers and this is much easier when it comes to the internet compared to print.
Local newspapers are great in that they have current distribution numbers to check up on and that they are most likely to delivered to a target local audience. Now the question we ask ourselves is that although your listings are in the property section, just what amount of people are viewing it and who will have seen your advert / property listings? I am sure many estate and letting agents would love to be able to tap on the shoulder of anyone reading the property section of the newspaper and looking at their listings just to ask if any of the property on show is of interest, but that is just not possible (yet)! Though this thought process can be applied to online and especially when it comes to people visiting websites which use live chat. Where as a newspaper will show property listings just like a website, the big difference in tracing views is that only a website can give you detailed reports on visitors and views and can virtually offer you that tap on the shoulder when someone is viewing listings.
What Do I mean by tap on the shoulder? Well, if you have a website and you have spent a certain amount of money building it and making sure it has a good presence online, then why should you ever consider missing opportunities of interacting with consumers who are viewing your property listings? When you use live chat on your estate agency website this will guarantee you that when you have a visitor interested in your property listings you have an open channel of live communication to engage with that potential new client. No matter what question they have you can deal with their queries live and depending on how international your brand is, the live chat can be open 24/7 so that you never miss a live opportunity again.
Does this sound all too innovative or are you concerned it may put visitors to your website off and they will leave immediately? I suggest to speak to us today and see how and why estate and letting agencies across the UK  are increasing their business with our services and that live chat is now accepted and used via consumers today more than ever. Want to speak to us at Yomdel? Take a visit to our website where we have live chat running to showcase to you how it works or give us a call.
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Author: Andy Soloman



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