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Donald Trump faces £5 Million bill after snubbing affordable homes for Aberdeenshire luxury estate

A man of many headlines globally, a real estate tycoon in the eyes of some and with an estimated real estate portfolio worth over $3.5 billion (wikipedia) – Donald Trump’s property firm is recently said to be raising eyebrows after snubbing affordable homes in the plans for a new luxury estate next to the site of their 18 hole golf course near Aberdeen.

The project will see hundreds of luxury homes and commercial leisure units being built on land in Aberdeenshire – The plans have though also raised eyebrows and a wave of objections from local residents. The local council are due to have meetings in February and March to discuss the project. The subject of the £5 million fine will be to help meet the significant shortage of affordable homes in the region which is classed currently at being ‘critical‘.

Recent comments on the application by Mr Trump include:

This time there must be no special favours for Mr Trump’s business.

Councillors should stick to planning policy and decide accordingly.


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