Don’t Assume They Know You do it for Free

Never assume.

Don’t blindly think the doctor always knows best.

Or the solicitor knows the law inside and out.

Or heaven forbid that ‘clever’ politicians know what they’re doing and have a plan for our future.

A recent experience has taught me to never assume homeowners or landlords know that 99.9999999 per cent of estate agents offer FREE property valuations.

I’d always assumed everyone knew valuations weren’t charged for and came with no obligation and commitment free.

It seems I was wrong.

A recent article I wrote for a client talked about the different reasons people might need a valuation.

Death, divorce, debt, insurance purposes, pension planning, etc, etc.

And of course we said the reader might just be curious about the value of their home with no plans at all to move. Whatever the reason the free offer stood.

We really stressed that these valuations were like the best things in life – totally free.

The response was fantastic. The agent booked more valuations in the last fortnight (yep during this Brexit breakdown as the experts predict we will slide into an abyss) than they had in the previous three months.

By not assuming and making the call to action crystal clear and simple (in this case call us for a free, no obligation valuation) my client has started building more relationships locally AND won two new instructions.

I’ve learned a lot from this. Never assume, make the offer clear and spell out what benefits the reader gets from it.

Here’s to your next instruction.

Thanks for reading,


PS: There’s a certain irony in me assuming you knew how the headline statement usually finishes. Just in case here it is in full – ‘When you assume you make an ass out of u and me.’

PPS: I’m not assuming you’ve heard about out great Blog in a Box package of 30 pre-written property articles that homeowners love. So here’s a link to more information and you can also have a look and them before you make a decision – totally free and with no obligation …… now where have I heard that before.

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