EPM Appoints Philip Mancuso as Company President

The national lender continues to grow, despite the pandemic.

In a world plagued by coronavirus, achieving business success is more difficult than ever. But we can seek inspiration from the companies that continue to assist their clients and achieve growth, even when the market is against them. One such company is Equity Prime Mortgage (EPM), one of the United States’ most recommended lenders. EPM embraces strategic growth as a key to success in the modern mortgage space. The national lender devotes itself to supporting clients of all backgrounds to secure ideal mortgage products for their circumstances and continuously expands its teams to meet growing demand across 49 states.

2020 may have been a difficult year, but EPM finished on a high note after appointing its new president in December. CEO Eddy Perez, CMB promoted EPM’s chief revenue officer Philip Mancuso to the senior position, explaining that his management skills and unrivaled industry knowledge would put him in a strong position to lead the company moving forward. As EPM expands its leadership team, the company is well placed to come up with forward-thinking methods to continue its impressive growth. Mancuso’s extensive industry experience and insights will enable him to further EPM’s contributions to wide-reaching communities, which is more important than ever during this challenging time.

“I feel blessed to have spent three decades in this great industry yet be in a position where I’ve never been more excited and optimistic about what lies ahead,” says Mancuso. “This new role firmly puts me in a position to help harness the massive amounts of talent we have at EPM as we make our plans a reality.”

Philip Mancuso’s Experience in the Mortgage Industry
Mancuso has spent over three decades working as an executive, producer, and sales manager in the mortgage industry; he has even worked as the executive vice president of The Money Store. His wealth of experience positions him perfectly for his newfound EPM presidency. Mancuso has long been a valued member of EPM’s workforce, and he looks forward to overseeing the national lender’s pooling, finance, HR, analytics, marketing, compliance, capital markets, securitization, and fulfillment operations.

“When I look back at how far we’ve come since the day I walked through the doors in 2013, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in what we’ve done and in my small contribution therein,” Mancuso says. “The best part of that, however, is what lies ahead. We have so many amazing things planned for our primers, our brokers, and, most importantly, our borrowers, that I can hardly contain my enthusiasm.”

Mancuso has been integral to EPM’s growth for many years, and Perez is keen to recognize his efforts in a promotion that reflects his skills and knowledge.

“Phil’s dedication, determination, and results-driven nature have earned him this promotion that we know will only elevate the organization,” says Perez. “It is no understatement to say that Phil understands our services, culture, and clients from all perspectives. We are fortunate for his leadership and look forward to the future.”

Mancuso has achieved countless successes in his lending career to date, spanning all the way from developing multiple lending platforms to managing a multi-billion-dollar mortgage lender. He has an in-depth knowledge of capital markets, mortgage sales, and corporate success positioning. Mancuso has also won one of EPM’s 5-star awards, which the company presents to those who demonstrate EPM’s culture of honor, integrity, quality of work, and its 23 fundamental company drivers. EPM refers to these collectively as “the EPM way.” A few of these fundamentals include showing care, delivering results, demonstrating empathy, and having fun.

About EPM

EPM is a national mortgage lender that advises and guides clients on their journeys to homeownership with a multitude of mortgage products and resources. The approved Fannie Mae, Ginnie Mae, and Freddie Mac provider dedicates itself to securing the most competitive loans and making the mortgage process as easy as possible for its clients. EPM boasts more than five decades of experience in the mortgage space, and its highly qualified underwriters are always on hand to help.

Find out more about EPM at www.epm.net. You can also follow EPM on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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