Estate Agency Union group agree new package with Zoopla

Taken from Estate Agency Union Facebook Group –
I can now reveal the terms discussed with Zoopla
Thanks go to Alan Goldin, Phillip Wise and Richard Dangoor for all their help and input
This is what was agreed yesterday
It was in line with part of their initial offer but we have tweaked it to a longer free period and also contracts open to discussion
As you know they had put forward 2 options last week but we felt they did not go far enough but we wanted them to try and go a bit further to help
A 5 month FREE period which from starts from May 1st and until to Sept 30th 2020
Then the agent to sign a new contract for 12 months from Oct 1 2020 with no increase on the current package, which will start again from Oct 1st or whichever package is chosen by each party
The offer is only open to those who agree to sign a new contract. Of course this is also subject to each individuals review of the new contract
Andrew has said he and his team are also prepared to listen to requests for change of packages for the new contract and each agent should contact their own local area rep to move that forward.
If you have no luck in reaching out to them, come back to me and I will pass your details on to Andrew
Again this is not mandatory, and each agent can choose their own direction, but we feel that it shows Zoopla are prepared to listen and work with us during the crisis which bodes well for the future
We also felt that, at the packages we were on, using Zoopla offers fairer value for money in these current times
We do hope this works for all our new groups but understand if some follow different routes and I wish you good luck with whatever choice you make
And stay safe!

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