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Feel of a traditional building yet still a strong brand presence?

How do maintain the feel of a traditional building and still create a strong brand presence?

In old town centres there are still many delightful traditional buildings which are now being used as estate and letting agents. The key to using such buildings is to get the balance correct between traditional and modern and still maintain a strong brand image. Many local councils, will not let you put your company name on the front of the building as it spoils the image of the building. So what can you do?

Balfours in Shrewsbury had this challenge and they opted to have an extremely bright large LED sign mounted on to an interior wall which could easily been seen from the street, showing off clearly the brand name. The windows had traditional small glass panels so the best way to handle this was to have a display fitted directly to the window and use 2 high A3 landscape properties at the lower level only. This meant that clients could still see clearly into the interior. The office looks sleek & sharp.



Fairfield Displays & Lighting helped Balfours from the original concept through to the finished design of the signage and property displays. Visit www.estateagencydisplays.co.uk for the latest tips booklet, “17 Ways to maximise sales from your estate agency property displays”.



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