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The excitement of owning your first home is hard to compete with. You’re finally on the property ladder, free from renting, landlords and house sharing. As you look round your new purchase thinking about new wallpaper, kitchens and flooring you should also be considering how do I make this home smarter.

Follow our helpful tips below to boost the IQ of your new home.

  • If the property is being renovated or extended you need to install Smart Home wiring. Demand that your electrician runs Cat6 cabling for services like On Demand TV, Wi-Fi and multi-room music and TV.
  • Upgrade your existing heating controls to Smart controls. Internet connected thermostats provide more accurate control, remote control and learn your heating preferences. Check out Nest for smart heating.
  • Improve your Wi-Fi. Leave the days of poor wi-fi reception behind in your new home. The simple and inexpensive installation of long range, secure wireless access points mean that no matter where you are in the property you’ll have a strong signal.
  • LED lighting. To keep your electrical bills down look at replacing old halogen lighting with energy saving LED bulbs. It may be a pricey outlay initially but the long term savings will make it worthwhile. To add some wow factor to rooms like the kitchen, lounge and garden look at installing colour changing LED lighting controllable by your mobile device.
  • Safety first. Smoke detectors are unloved but vital devices in your home. An upgrade to internet connected detectors like Nest Protectwill provide you with smoke and carbon monoxide detection in one device, notifications to your mobile device and tell you exactly where smoke is detected in the property.

These are just some of the simple upgrades to your new home to make it smarter. Customised are home technology specialists based in Norfolk. Connect with Customised to learn more about home technology.


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