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Your roof is an essential part of your entire house. If you choose a low-quality roof, leaks can cause damage to your house’s structure and even wreck the contents inside. Of course, you wouldn’t want your possessions to be destroyed.

On average, your roof needs to be replaced approximately every 20 years, although it still depends on where you reside and the climate in your location. If your house is in a cold environment where snow and ice are common, it might be necessary to replace your roof sooner. This is especially true if it has sustained damages.

Thus, if you’re considering replacing your roof and buying from a reputable and trusted roofing company like rubberoofs.co.uk, then below are tips you should consider when doing so:

1. Check the roof’s durability

You want to ensure that the roof you choose is made from high-quality materials and that they would last for a very long time. Get a roof that is made by a premier manufacturer and passes stringent durability requirements.

It is best to go for a roofing material that can withstand rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. In this way, you don’t have to worry about protecting your house when the “wrath of nature” wreaks havoc.

2. See if it comes with a warranty

You have to consider warranties when buying a roof for your home. Typically, the manufacturer warranty covers defects of the roofing materials. Ensure that the roof is made by a first-rate manufacturer that has the reputation to stand behind their products. It is best to read the warranty carefully to know what’s covered and what’s not.

3. Consider the roofing material

Roofing material is typically made from asphalt shingles. However, you have various options when it comes to material. For instance, you can choose among wood, plastic, slate, or even a combination of all these.

The location of your house is an important factor when considering roofing material. Those that are good for warmer climates differ from those suited to snowy, colder ones. The most common material used is asphalt shingles since these are affordable and lasts for a long time.

For warmer climates, slate is an excellent material. It usually comes in lighter colours, which don’t absorb heat excessively. Thus, it keeps the house cool inside. For cooler climates, asphalt shingles are the best option. It acts as an insulating material, helping houses retain heat inside.

4. Choose a suitable roof style

When choosing a new roof, you also have to consider the style of the house you own. The surface area is another thing to take into account.

Do you want a standard roof? Or, do you want artistically-made shingles to stand out from the entire neighbourhood? Typically, three slap shingles are used. You can also upload pictures of your home in certain websites to try out different roofing styles.

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the style of your roof. For instance, Mansard refers to a style that is sloped on either side and has a flat top. Hipped roofing styles are best for cape cod houses since it has four sides that are inclined. This allows it to peak at the top.

A gambrel roof refers to a style that has two different sides. One side has a shallower slope while the other is steeper. Dormer style has built-in windows that provide an architectural feel to your home.

5. Select the right colour

You can make your roof more stylish by choosing from a variety of roof shingles’ colour. A touch of colour can add uniqueness to your home, which you might enjoy for decades. Some of the colour options include slate grey, forest green, and aged copper.

There are endless options when it comes to your colour choice. It only boils down to your preference. However, you want to remember that lighter colours reflect light, making the inside of your house cooler. On the other hand, darker colours absorb light, making your interiors warmer.

Thus, if you live in a warm climate, you should opt for lighter colours. You could also choose a white roof since it repels 75% of striking light. In this way, air conditioning becomes less costly. Getting your roof ready for colder climates means you should opt for darker colours since the weather is cooler for most of the year.

In Conclusion

When choosing a new roof, you have to take into account various factors. These include the roofing material, durability, colour, and style. You have to consider the warranty as well and ensure that you understand the fine print. Choosing a roof will also depend on the climate of your house’s location. That’s why if you’re considering buying a new roof for your home, you should heed the tips above to avoid problems later on.

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