Four Simple Steps To Win More Instructions.

We have spent the past few months travelling the UK and speaking with hundreds of estate agency and letting agency directors.
Two constants wherever we go are that there is a shortage of stock for sales and rentals, and the battle to win instructions routinely centres on the fee being charged.
In this short article Rajeev Nayyar of Fixflo looks at an alternative approach that should pay dividends for your agency over the longer term.

The Power of Your Brand

Think about your last trip to the supermarket.
When you went down the aisles did you fill your shopping trolley with branded goods or their generic (and quite possibly cheaper) counterparts?
Put simply, branding works by selling a product to you before you even decide that you need that product.
If you want to win instructions before attending a valuation your brand is key. Here are four simple steps to help you to unlock the power of your brand.

Understand Your Brand

Start by visualizing your brand as a person.  Would they be fun, quirky or traditional?  Are they loud and brash or understated and serene?
Then at your next five valuations ask yourself whether the prospective client would like your brand if they were carrying out the valuation?  Crucially would they trust your brand with their largest asset?
Once you have identified what your brand is and why clients would choose your brand it’s time to speak with your team.

It Lives and Breathes

A brand is something your agency should live not just a catchy tag-line on your website.
Before exposing your thoughts to customers get feedback from your entire team.  For example, if you’re the agency that does everything with a smile then you will need the buy in from every single member of staff.
A single scowl from an overworked team member could shatter what you’re trying to achieve.
With a clear idea of your brand and buy-in from your team you should review how you treat your current customers.

Think of People NOT Roles

Building a brand is a long-term exercise that requires real commitment.
Start to think of everyone you interact with as someone who should see what your brand offers.  For example someone may be a tenant today but they may be your landlord, vendor and/or purchaser of the future.
Every interaction your agency has is an opportunity to show off your skills and corporate ethos.
Make those opportunities count and in the long-term potential vendors and landlords will be sold before they walk through your door.

Build Your Proof

Unless someone has instructed you it can be hard to show the value that you add.
Ask customers (and yes that includes people who are or were landlords, tenants, vendors and purchasers) to give you feedback you can use for your marketing communications.
A quiet word from a peer is more powerful than you shouting about your value and your brand.
See how we use testimonials in our business here.

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