Foxtons to remove spikes.

Foxtons are set to remove anti-homeless spikes from outside a West End branch of their estate agents after a petition achieved 20,000 signatures, the petition was set up by Zahira Patel after noticing similar spikes outside the Holborn branch of Foxtons.

As spokesperson from Foxtons reportedly said ‘We understand that the studs outside our West End office have raised some concerns within the community and we will be removing them shortly’.

Foxtons appear to be in the news quite often recently and not for the right reasons, their offices were attacked in Brixton by anti-gentrification protesters and they were highlighted in the press over allegations of  overcharging a tenant for minor maintenance works.

The petition against the spikes had the backing of Green party leader Natalie Bennet and Labour assembly member Tom Copley who both tweeted their agreement to the petition.

Homelessness is a big issue in London and attracts ever more attention over the problems that surround it, Foxtons are a reputed Estate Agent who have come under fire for their action in placing down the spikes, some balance needs to be found in this matter as having numbers of homelessness people sleeping in shop doorways is not beneficial to any business, especially if the area is left in a mess afterwards,  that said homelessness needs to be addressed fast before it gets further out of control.

Allen Walkey

Allen Walkey

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