GeoPhy is going to reveal the Real Value of your property

A Dutch AI Startup, GeoPhy, is looking to create waves in the real estate sector by identifying the real value of property. Founded in 2004 and part led by Dutch entrepreneur and co-founder Sander Mulders – The company has raised USD $33 million from investors to boost its global expansion. Investment has come from the likes of Index Ventures and from existing investors Hearst Ventures and Inkef Capital.

Full reports can be read directly on the GeoPhy website.

GeoPhy: “Fast, reliable valuations for commercial real estate, powered by artificial intelligence.”

“We aim to understand the value of every building in the world,” Teun van den Dries (CEO) says. “We’re trying to shift the whole paradigm of property valuation.

The brand is looking to bring in transparency to the market and gather real time property valuations via analysing thousands of data points such as crime rates, green spaces, sales data, satelite images and more.

Having founded TeqDen back in 2016 and seen many #Proptech start ups I have seen my fair share of those which I feel are purely desperate to get a concept going purely in hope of gaining immense funding or being bought out, only handful were ever stand out and what I deem as a credit to the industry. Though with GeoPhy I see something that is not just another #Proptech start up, this one seems to be ready to make some positive and useful waves… ” Christopher Walkey founder of Estate Agent Networking


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