Getting the most from your Fixflo system

With more than 900 agency offices using Fixflo across a few time zones we’ve pulled together our top five tips to make sure you get the most from your Fixflo system.

1. Make it easy for your tenants to find your Fixflo system

Links from your homepage and contact page work best and we have a range of ready made buttons available to help you.

By putting a link from your homepage to your Fixflo website your tenants will be able to find it easily and will be less likely to call or email you.

2. Inform existing tenants
Letting your existing tenants know about your Fixflo website (and the benefits to them) will encourage them to use it.

3. Inform new tenants
Include reference to your Fixflo website in your tenant information pack.

4. Educate tenants
When tenants call you with issues remind them to use your Fixflo website either for that issue or any subsequent issue.

5. Remind tenants
It may take a few reminders to get some of your tenants to use your Fixflo website.

Not using Fixflo yet?

Book a 20 minute demo to find out how getting your own Fixflo system can help you.


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