Got Landlord Leads?

The rental market is competitive. Getting noticed by landlords who have properties to manage is the battle for agents.

This is where Rent Round gives letting agents & property managers the edge on lead generation.

They allow landlords to compare letting agent & property manager fees & performance.

The landlord can then seamlessly contact an agent to arrange management of their property.

Landlords love the service as it takes just 30 seconds to enter their property details to immediately compare local agents.

Surely there’s a cost to landlords right?

Wrong… There’s no cost to the landlord.

This contributes massively to the volume of landlords passing their details onto agents via Rent Round.

For landlords looking to squeeze margins, they can easily see which local agent has the lowest commission fees.

There’s also a benefit for landlords looking for a more balanced approach to their agent.

Landlords are able to see the performance rating of each agent and can decide on a higher quality of service, possible sacrificing a larger proportion of their rental income.

Once a landlord send their details to an agent, the agents job is makes contact to further discuss fees and services in more detail.

The agents job at this stage can be very easy or a bit more challenging

The landlord may have only selected one agent from Rent Round when viewing their search results.

With no competition, the agent has a much higher probability in securing a deal and managing the landlords property.

However the landlord may have selected 2 or 3 agents on Rent Round, therefore will have multiple agents making contact for the letting of their property.

This is where agents need to showcase their value to the landlord.

  • Are they the cheapest, why is that and is the level of service impacted?
  • Are they furthest from the property, so do they have a team that can still arrive quickly when issues arise?
  • Do they offer less services, so does that mean the agent is more specialised so can create value that way?

So Rent Round must take a hefty commission from agents then?


Rent Round stands out as no commission is taken from any deal made. There’s no complex contracts to sign or long term lock in.

Rent Round isn’t a charity of course, but charges to agents are low & easy to understand.

Costs are as low as just £14.99 a month, with no cap on the number of leads an agent will get each month.

So some quick maths: with just one lead from Rent Round across a whole year, covers their fees and puts agents in profit.

Rent Round also doesn’t take on as many agents as possible.

There’s the risk that if there are too many agents in one area, ROI for agents wouldn’t be worth it.

Rent Round regularly reviews regions and the number of agents on their books.


You’ve probably signed your agency up to lead providers & “SEO gurus”

Some lead providers are either getting you no leads or cold leads.

A number of “lead providers” on the market purchase landlord data from data firms and pass these onto agents.

A majority of these are cold leads as they are outdated and landlords have since moved on.

But even worse, using this data doesn’t always comply with GDPR regulations.

The other issue many firms face, not just letting agents & property managers, is the abundance of Search Engine Optimisation teams promising to get you ranked #1 on Google.

By the time your budget has been eaten up, you’re often left at where you started!

Most of the practices these firms do on your behalf are usually spam tactics that cause a risk to your reputation.

Rent Round has the opposite model to the above, providing hot leads that the landlords themselves have given the go ahead to pass their details on.

Who is behind Rent Round?

Rent Round is run by a young and dynamic team, who are harnessing modern methods to overcome old problems. Andrew Ferguson, co-founder explained;

“The reason we started Rent Round is we saw inefficient marketing across many letting agents & property managers.

The basics weren’t there… incorrect key word usage, wrong demographic targeting and the usage of cowboy online marketing firms promising agents the world using spam methods which never work.

We also found it difficult ourselves to find the best suited letting agents for many of our properties.

We had to undergo the laborious task of phoning different agents, enquiring about prices and comparing services manually.

Rent Round reduces the burden for letting agents & property managers to learn and implement an online marketing strategy, while making the landlords life’s much easier.”

Based in London, the founding group is a combination of banking industry professionals, property directors and marketing whizzes.

Rent Round has moved out of it’s infancy of being a start up and now has the platform to impact the rental industry more than it already has.

If you’re an agent and want to find out more how Rent Round can get you leads and increase the number of properties you manage, see their sign up page 

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