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Greater London house prices more than double national average according to Halifax research

Latest research from Halifax reveals that Greater London house prices per square metre stall for the first time in 8 years, prices per square metre rose by less than 1% in Greater London.

The greatest increase over the last 12 months was in East Anglia where house prices per m2 rose by 7% to £2,256 according to latest Halifax research.

Russell Galley, Managing Director, Halifax, said: “It is no surprise that Greater London is substantially more expensive than anywhere else in the country. Should recent trends persist, prices in the capital will continue to tread water whilst the rest of the country slowly plays catch up.

“While cheaper locations such as Scotland and Wales have started to increase more rapidly over the last 12 months, the prices per square metre in Scotland and Wales mean home buyers can get a lot of house for their money in these regions compared to Southern England.”

Read the latest Halifax research news release 18th august 2018 in full click here.


Allen Walkey

Allen Walkey

Highly experienced businessman with a successful career in property sales and investment both in the UK and abroad. Now a freelance writer and blogger for the property and Investment Industry, keeping readers up-to-date with changes and events in a rapidly changing world.

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