The Growth of the Cab Industry in the Digital Marketing Age

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The arrival of digital marketing transformed practically every industry. In an internet-driven marketplace, a business must use digital marketing to stand out from the crowd and engage their target audience. The arrival of smartphones has also meant that businesses can capitalise on this and reach their audience on the move.

The Taxi Industry

The cab industry is one in particular which has been transformed by the digital marketing age. Uber arrived and enabled anybody to be a cab driver and this left taxi firms struggling to compete with this new model. That is not to say that the cab industry has been left in the dust, however, as traditional taxi firms are growing through the power of internet marketing and reaching smartphone users.

Easy Bookings

One of the primary ways that the taxi industry has grown is that many firms have now made it not only possible but very quick to book a ride through a smartphone. This is crucial as consumers expect to be able to buy and order everything from their device in today’s day and age. Additionally, many cab firms are signing up for comparison apps which enable the user to quickly compare services, prices and more.


Another way in which the taxi industry has learned from Uber is the fact that many firms now offer digital or online payment. The rise of contactless payments has meant that people often do not carry money around with them and expect to be able to pay by card. Card readers often are included in purpose-built cabs from places like Cab Direct and this has helped many companies to compete with Uber.

Online Presence

The digital marketing age has made it a necessity for businesses to have a strong online presence, regardless of the industry that they are in. Consumers turn to the internet first no matter what they are looking for, so a company will need to be easily found online by appearing at, or near, the top of search engine results lists. They must also have a high-quality website which is mobile-friendly and be active across social media. Social media is particularly important in the taxi industry as word of mouth is a key way to attain customers. This is all possible with digital marketing and every firm is now realising the importance of going digital.

Digital marketing and the arrival of apps like Uber has had a gigantic impact on every industry, but especially the cab industry. Whilst they must now work hard to compete, it has also helped the industry to grow and embrace the digital age we now live in.

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