Home Improvement Tasks to Do to Ensure Your House Sells Fast

Putting your house on the market can be incredibly stressful. From finding the perfect agent, to finding the perfect buyer, you want the whole process to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. To the owner, the nicks and dings a house accumulates over the years add to its character and the memories we have there. We can get so used to the blemishes of everyday life that we don’t even see them anymore. Sellers, however, will see these things. Deferred maintenance, wear and tear, and clutter in the corners can turn buyers off and cause your listing to go stale. Tackling some basic home improvement tasks before listing your house will ensure your house sells quickly.

Curb Appeal

People form an impression within the first 38 seconds of seeing something. When selling your house, you want those first 38 seconds to reel in those buyers with the charm of your home. This starts the second they pull into the driveway. Make sure your house exudes curb appeal. If you, like the majority of people, are listing in the spring, make sure you have easy maintenance flowering plants out front. You want your yard to stand out, without making buyers feel like they need a gardener. Listing in winter? In a colder climate, keep your driveway shoveled and porch clear. Potted evergreens add a touch of color to make your house seem more inviting on dreary days. Trim your trees, and if you have flower beds, make sure they’re weeded and mulched. If you have siding, pressure wash it, even if it doesn’t appear dirty. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes. Make sure you use the correct pressure for your type of siding, as they all have different requirements.

Paint and Patch the Walls

Paint is one of the fastest, and least expensive ways to update a room. It can easily take a room from drab and outdated, to fresh and modern. When painting to sell, keep in mind, neutral is best. Since taste in colors is so subjective, you don’t want to scare buyers away with colors that aren’t their style. Pale greys and taupes keep a room light, and help a buyer picture themselves in that space. Before painting be sure to properly prep your walls. A rushed job will look like you were trying to hide something. Patch any holes and cracks, to make sure the walls look like new. If it’s in the budget, it may be worth it to pay a professional. It will save you time, and ensure you get a perfect result.

Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most important things on a buyer’s radar. You want your kitchen to make a good impression, not send them running. You don’t need to spend money on a huge kitchen renovation to sell. A few tweaks can make all the difference. Clean and degrease your cabinets, just doing this will make your kitchen feel like new. Jazz up your cabinets with some new hardware. New handles and drawer pulls can dramatically change the look of your kitchen. If your countertops have seen better days, replacing them may be in your best interest. There are many options out there, but if you’re selling, a classic material like granite will attract buyers. Worried about the expense? Granite starts at around $50 a square foot, according to Marble, and since many buyers are looking for granite in a kitchen, this will put your house at the top of their list.

Refresh The Bathroom

Don’t have a spa bathroom, don’t worry. A clean, serene bathroom is all you need. Changing the light fixtures is a quick way to add some appeal. A cracked, stained bathroom sink sends the wrong message, replacing it will instantly improve the look of your bathroom. If your vanity is old or outdated, consider a new one, or sand and paint it. Give your floors a good hard look. Are there cracked tiles? Is the linoleum old and peeling? You will definitely want to address these issues. Does your bathroom have wall to wall carpet? Don’t think twice. Get rid of it. Make sure everything in your bathroom has a place, and declutter. If you have a tile tub surround, or floor, be sure to carefully clean the grout and repair it if needed. It’s a small project that makes a big visual impact.

Taking time to properly prepare your home for sale, before putting that sign in the yard, will pay off in the end. A clean well-presented home will shine, and appeal to potential buyers who will be able to picture themselves living there. Just a few simple projects can ensure your house sells fast.

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