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Housing affordability worsens to 7.8 times salary

We all know that property prices are too high and especially rental costs. We have seen rocketing prices in recent years though relief seems to be on the horizon as prices are cooling off and in deed falling in many areas and with the Monty Python Flying Circus team, opps sorry, I meant the Government in charge of Brexit we are seeing political turmoil that will not aid any immediate property price recovery.

A recent report released on the Mortgage Solutions website via stats from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) that there has been a slight fall in affordability of property in 2018. It is quoted that people are now looking at 7.8 x their salary in order to afford a property (England and Wales) to live in, yes 7.8 times!

I can remember the days not so long ago that getting on to the property ladder was all about 3 x single salary of 2.5 x joint salary… Kensignton and Chelsea now show an average house price that requires a 44.5 x the typical average annual earnings!

Further reading can be made on the Mortgage Solutions website.

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