How COVID 19 After-Math Will Affect Student Accommodation

It is not a secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on the education process. Because of this disease, leaners have been forced to stay at home. By not going to school, students are forced to submit their papers online. Also, because learners are far from teachers, they rely on virtual technology to get tips on writing their homework.

Moreover, the most significant effect of the COVID-19 pandemic is on the accommodation process and how students access the service. Getting a quality place of residence is beneficial for students who want to improve their writing skills.

So, read more about how the virus will affect the process of accommodation for leaners.

1. Acceleration of Online Learning Communities

The pandemic has made schools invest more in online studies. Indeed, learning how to write an essay through the internet gained popularity before the emergence of the disease. But, stay at home orders made school administrators more creative and innovative in reaching their students. That is, to impart writing skills to them.

Because of the stay at home order, many schools began to teach their students through online writing. Learners are taught through the internet and exams given. As a result, the demand for student housing accommodation declined.

The decline in demand for student accommodation is likely to continue after the COVID 19 pandemic. The reason is that schools will continue using the internet to teach learners and impart social and educational skills.

Furthermore, they may use other virtual technologies to impart these skills to their students. In this regard, the following are some of the tools that have enabled an out of class teachings. Students can access and use these tools within their homes:

• Use of learning management systems (LMS)

The tools of LMS includes Google Class and Blackboard. These technological platforms make it easier for teachers to assign essay writing tasks and provide a rubric.

• Use of video conferencing tools

Teachers rely on Google Hangouts and Zoom to impart skills on to their students. Through these virtual technologies, it is possible to gauge the educational achievement of learners. After that, educators can offer suggestions on how to improve them.

• Use of Edmodo educational tool

Teachers and leaners use Edmodo to connect. Educators can use the tool to impart knowledge on the different elements of their syllabus.

2. Elimination of Shared Housing Services

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools and housing agencies are concerned with maintaining social distancing. One of the methods that can help decongest the student residences is to remove shared housing services. The removal of such services would mean that leaners will have bigger accommodation spaces for themselves. As a result, they can concentrate more on writing their class assignment.

Moreover, there is a likelihood that parents would look for private homes for their children. The reason is to protect them from the pandemic and increase their safety. So, choose a place that is near your school because it would be easier to access your teachers. They may help you improve your academic scores. As a result, you may pass your studies.

3. The Use of Technology in Student Accommodation Halls of Residence

Administrators will use technology to protect leaners from the COVID-19. For example, schools will introduce handheld temperature scanners to check students’ health and ascertain their safety. Still, learning institutions may introduce full body temperature scanners and install them near the entrances and doorways.

Leaners with high body temperatures will not be allowed in the halls of residence. The move is justified because high temperatures are an indication of sickness. An ill student won’t concentrate in class. As a result, they may not write an essay as per the instructions. Submitting such writing can result in a low grade.

How Learners are Adapting to the Disruptions in Their Educational Programs

The COVID-19 has made students now begin looking for other ways of getting information and knowledge. For instance, learners rely on YouTube videos to get tutorials on how to write an essay. YouTube is one of the most significant information sources, and learners can easily access motion pictures on any writing topic.

So How the Pandemic Actually Influences Property and Accommodation Sphere

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on how leaners can access accommodation. The effect is based on the need to promote social distancing. The elimination of shared rooms and the introduction of technologies are some of the things to expect.

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