How Estate Agents can Leverage Modern E-Commerce Solutions

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Estate agents have always been accustomed to working within a high-pressure industry. As property values throughout the United Kingdom continue to attract a growing audience, competition is indeed rife. Traditional sales techniques might therefore prove to be less efficient when compared to the past. It therefore stands to reason that an increasing number of astute professionals are choosing to migrate at least a portion of their services into the digital domain. How can the world of e-commerce benefit an estate agency and are there any worthwhile suggestions to address when establishing a firm foundation? 

Appreciating the Numerous Online Options 

Potential home buyers are now likely to leverage the options associated with the Internet when looking for a specific property. The role of B2B ecommerce has therefore innately changed. Customers desire on-the-spot solutions and they expect information to remain at their fingertips at all times. The main issue is how estate agents can place themselves in touch with the right buyers at the right times. Professional e-commerce platforms have begun to address this metric thanks to their user-friendly nature. 

The main purpose of these platforms is to enhance direct-to-client sales and correspondences. No longer is a business-level buyer satisfied with leaving messages on a telephone or hoping to encounter an agent during their lunch hour. E-commerce solutions are on-the-spot methods which provide instantaneous communication between two or more parties. Perhaps more importantly, the real estate professional can keep abreast of any recent developments; offering quicker response times and higher levels of customer satisfaction. 

The Power of Customisation 

Another quantum leap in terms of business-to-business e-commerce solutions can be observed in their level of customisation. No longer will “one size fit all” suffice. The fact of the matter is that the needs of a large estate agency are likely to vastly differ when compared to those associated with a local start-up firm. The modular nature of these platforms is now able to cater to both ends of the proverbial spectrum. Some of the features included within the interface developed by Shopify include: 

  • A selection of payment gateways.

  • The ability to accept a host of payment methods.

  • Optimised navigation.

  • A mobile-responsive design.

  • Multi-channel marketing and sales capabilities.

The bottom line is that agents can now offer property buyers a tailored experience; ideal when establishing a rapport before a potentially sizeable financial commitment. Please note that these software bundles may be upgraded or downgraded in the future. This will naturally revolve around the needs of the agent in question. Business-to-business sales and marketing have been effectively transformed thanks in no small part to the role of modern e-commerce solutions. 

We will likely see even more home buyers within the United Kingdom embrace the agility and the self-service nature of B2B e-commerce solutions. Any firm which hopes to remain at the top of its game should certainly consider this power software. The real estate industry will enjoy a bright future thanks to this digital revolution.

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