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How is Brexit effecting UK House prices?

It seems that nearly every day there is a new headline towards the grand topic of Brexit, be it calls for or and against, how and when we are leaving or simply the Prime Minister’s cabinet falling apart. What effect does this have generally on property prices across the UK?

Is a soft Brexit best for UK property prices?

Is a clean Brexit best for UK property prices?

What will a change of Conservative leader do to house prices?

A snap election and new party, ie Labour or A.N.Other could tumble house prices?

Things are very much on a knife edge, property prices driven up by investors and the increase in population and demand with much thanks to uncontrolled immigration – What effect will a clean Brexit from a pro-Brexit leader actually have on this failed system, will a big percentage of the immigration decide to leave the UK and especially if they see their benefits cut? Will this leave 1,000’s of UK homes abandoned and landlords panicking in how to afford their buy-to-let mortgages with fear of rate rises and a tumble in demand and rental prices? A mass exit of the rental market from landlords would see an increase amount of listings and this then means choice for buyers and competition on the side of sellers who need to lower asking prices in order to tempt buyers – For many years now it seems to have been the case of put your house on the market for however much you want to, there will be someone desperate enough to get their hands on it.

Maybe it will be same as before and prices remain stable at the very least or still see a steady price rise as we clear the air from Brexit talks – Maybe Brexit will be cheated away from the UK and Prime Minister May keeps us tied to EU thus immigration and further demands on UK housing? Currently not enough property is being built to cope with population increases so prices can only, at the very worse, level out and remain at current values until another incident causes them to rise again.

It is an uncertain market out there, prices are halting in and around London and though outside of the capital in areas such as Manchester prices are surging due to the normal ripple effect, could it all fall like a set of dominoes? What one factor of the many that are occurring today in our politics can cause the biggest effect on house prices?

Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking and an internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Twitter and LinkedIn.

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