How Landscaping Can Significantly Boost The Value of Your Property

Trying to add actual value to your property when you spend money on it is far from an exact science. With this being said it is always worth bearing in mind property value when you do embark on a new project. We do know that there are some additions, that you can make to the home which will certainly add value, and landscaping on your property is definitely one of them. Not only does the addition of a landscaped garden make your place look nicer, but it will also boost the value of your property. Generally speaking, it is estimated that you can boost your property’s value by 5% – 12 % with a well-thought-out landscaping project.

Before you go off buying up plants, tools, and lawn supplies, however, let’s take a look at exactly why landscaping increases your home value.

Job Completed

More and more we are seeing property hunters who wish to move into a home, which is almost ready-made. Naturally, they will always want to bring in their own identity to the property, but areas like the kitchen, bathrooms, and the garden, they prefer to have already completed. When you move into a new place there is much to do by way of decorating and redesigning, and usually, outdoor areas are the last to get any attention. If the landscaping is already done, people are far more likely to spend some money on your property.

The Perfect Structure

Contrary to what you may believe, it is not the plants, shrubs, and flowers which someone is going to fall in love with, but rather the manicured structure that you have created on the property. It may well be that a prospective buyer is looking to bring in their own colors and styles of plants, but you will have already created the perfect canvas on which they can paint.

Curb Appeal

The reality for many of us is that we want our home to look great from the outside, both for ourselves and for passers-by. Curb appeal is often used to describe how attractive a property looks – which is true – yet it also correlates to the amount of money that someone would be happy to spend on the property. And so the better the curb appeal, the more likely you are to get bids and the more money that you are likely to be offered.

Indication of Care

Selling a property is very often about mind games, and this is where a perfectly landscaped garden can help you out. If you pull up to a property that has a garden area that looks in great shape, you are instantly going to be more confident that the owner looks after the rest of the property in the same way that they have cared for the garden. This instills confidence and it is yet another reason why someone would be happy to pay that little bit extra when they make an offer.

If you want to add some value to your property, don’t underestimate what a landscaped garden can do.

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