How to Add Value to you Home: 5 Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value

Increasing your home’s value is a great way to get a good return on your investment should you ever decide to sell. There are lots of ways to boost the worth of your house, both for your own comfort and enjoyment as well as for netting a high profit when you sell it. Here are some ways to get your house at its top value.

Update Kitchens and Bathrooms for the Greatest Return on Investment

Beautiful kitchens and bathrooms are what sells a home so update yours with modern tile, flooring, and a neutral paint colour. Choose modern fixtures for the sinks and cabinets as well. These easy things can be done in just a day but will add a lot of value for the labour.

Modify the Floor Plan or Add Square Footage

A larger home is always an enticing one so if you have the outdoor space to add a room, it’s a great idea. If not, you can ;remove walls to make the floor plan seem larger and more open, something that makes any house seem more appealing. One of the best options for doing this is to make the dining room, living room, and kitchen into one open space.

Update the Central Heating System

No one wants the worry that they’ll have to spend a lot of money to get new heating soon after buying a new home. By replacing it yourself, you can up the asking price of your house because a brand-new heating system makes your home instantly more valuable. It’s an expense that will be absolutely worth it in the long run.

Update Old Electrics

The electricity in older homes can be dodgy and it can make your home less appealing to buyers because they worry that they’ll have to pay to update it themselves. It’s definitely an expense that will pay off for you in the end because knowing that the electricity won’t need any work makes your home more valuable than others around it.

Replace Windows

Old windows can be draughty, which makes energy costs higher. Buyers love the idea of brand new windows that help control heating and cooling bills and that give the exterior of your home a modern facelift.

Add an Extra Bedroom

You’d be amazed at how much more your house is worth with an extra bedroom. That’s because it’s likely one of the few in the area with that extra room, making it more valuable to buyers in the area. Check out GQ’s top mattress of 2019 to make the new bedroom a relaxing place to be.

Consider a Kitchen Makeover

As mentioned above, the kitchen is one of the biggest selling points of a home so a fresh update in yours will increase the value quite a bit. In addition to new flooring, paint and fixtures, consider brand new cabinets and countertops and modern furniture as well. Adding an island if space allows is also a great idea. A kitchen makeover is the ideal way to sell a house!

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