How to Advance Your Career as an Estate Agent

Estate agents have awesome careers. They get time out of the office, are allowed to look around some flashy pads, interact with new people every day, and no two days are often the same. If you are an aspiring estate agent or are already working in the industry, there are ways to advance your career. To give you some food for thought, check out these top tips.

1. Online Courses

For those already busy in the field, taking a course may not be the most appealing option. However, with course providers like New Skills Academy, anyone can earn qualifications on their own schedule. Qualifications do not need to be directly linked with the industry to be beneficial to daily processes and your ability to interact with clients. Some examples may be certificates in understanding body language, workload management and one that is highly relevant considering you are reading here – career planning.

2. Use a Mentor

Your boss may not have the time to mentor you into a well-rounded estate agent, but there is a good chance that a friendly colleague may have. Look at the most senior figures in your company and politely ask them if they will be able to provide you with some form of mentorship. It may only be a little tip or discussion over coffee one morning a week, but that may be all that is needed for you to gain invaluable tips.

3. Stay in Touch with Current Affairs

The housing market is a rollercoaster ride for everyone involved in it. That means to be excellent at your job and fish for promotions you have to stay up to date with the latest news and developments in the industry. This will allow you to answer client questions and highlight your expertise as a top estate agent.

4. Network with Other Estate Agents

Networking can be crucial in any line of work and the same is true for estate agents. Knowing which companies are operating in your area and what they are planning for the future can help you plan the next year of your career. Is your company stagnating and are others looking more appealing? Or maybe you would even like to begin your own estate agency business.

5. Work Experience and Internships

For those yet to break into the industry, it may be worthwhile to seek out internships and work experience rather than full-time employment. This will help you sharpen your tools to become a prolific estate agent, but it can also work for you. Estate agents work hard and what they do may be different from what is seen from afar. Testing the waters with some experience can help you decide if this is the career for you.

Estate agent careers can also lead to other roles such as home staging, property franchise businesses and investment. Use the above tips to take you where you hope to go.

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