How to Choose the Best Location for Laundry Service

As the pandemic continues to affect the business sector, laundry services have proven to be a recession-proof investment to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs know that neighborhood demographics play a great role in this market. That’s why several of them are interested in opening a neighborhood laundromat.

Knowing that you are interested in this article, you might be considering starting your first laundry service around your neighborhood. The easiest way to find the best location for laundry service is to have reliable local insider knowledge. Other than that, here are some general tips to follow on choosing the best location for laundry service.

1. Location with Several Foot Traffic

It is best to search for the busiest street around the neighborhood. Demographically speaking, laundry shops around the neighborhood attract students and apartment renters. That’s why target the best demographics for your business. Laundry services have the same demographics and target audiences as general and convenience stores.

Thus, keep your business visible to draw in more customers and keep your investment safe. Moreover, make your laundry service area comfortable for the customers to lounge while waiting for their laundry.

2. Research Surrounding Competitors

You are not only competing with the laundry service industry, you also have to consider the on-site laundry at residential complexes and dry cleaners around the area. Figure out what kind of laundry service or amenities that are not available around the neighborhood.

3. Inspect the Building

It is essential to inspect the building. You have to work with experts to ensure the place is safe. Moreover, check the HVAC system and general costs needed in maintaining the building.

4. Look into Parking Space and Transportation

Ensure that your business can offer enough parking space for your customers. It is important for your customers to have an unloading space to allow them lugging heavy and bulky laundry. Moreover, if you offer laundry delivery service, your delivery van has a parking option. When considering a parking space, look into:

  • Number of spaces available.
  • Parking laws and ordinances.

Other than being concerned about the parking space, look into the public transportation available around the area. Some guests access your laundry shop through public transportation. That’s why you also have to pay attention to train, bus, and bike routes.

5. Check the Neighborhood Security and Safety

As an entrepreneur, you have to be prepared for anything. You have to choose a building and location that ensures the safety of you and your customers. It is best to contact the local police department and ask for insights about the neighborhood. Moreover, take consideration how far police stations and emergency departments are from your area in case of an emergency.

Final Takeaway

Do not rush in choosing the best location to open your laundry service, it is a crucial decision you have to make for your business. Always ask advice from local insiders as they know the best location around the neighborhood. Moreover, do not forget to follow the general tips.

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