How to come out of Covid-19 and supercharge your listings

ReelBee is a hybrid online service platform which supplies professional cameras and training on how to use these for estate agencies, with a next day editing service.

In the monthly subscription, Agents can upload photos and videos of an unlimited number of properties for ReelBee to edit.

Why shoot your own photos and video using the ReelBee equipment and platform? Cost and speed are the two biggest factors. ReelBee’s subscription allows agents to photo and film an unlimited number of houses for us to professionally edit. Simply take your kit provided by ReelBee to the property and capture them yourself. Upload images and footage to ReelBee’s platform and the next day you’ll have beautifully edited photos and a video. This gives agents the chance to have high quality photos and videos, professionally edited, and get the home listed on the major portals in 24 hours.

During these uncertain times, virtual tours are unbeatable for zero contact viewings, keeping vendors and buyers happy and most importantly, safe. ReelBee now offers a 360 degree virtual tour add-on, allowing buyers to virtually walk around and view houses.

ReelBee is a startup founded by professional property photographers and editors, who have experienced first hand the need for the hybrid solution. ReelBee understands not all properties require hiring a professional, but why should those homes suffer from substandard photos?

For more information please visit the ReelBee Website;

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