How To Convert 3 Times More House Hunters Online.

Converting potential buyers online is the science of delivering exactly what the customer needs. How can sellers deliver results that fit the buyer’s lifestyle?

Personalising property searches is possible if sellers give their customers the option of searching for their perfect property using minutes not miles. It means that searching is not one-size-fits all. Using a time based search house hunters can look for properties within a 30 minute commute using public transport when they have to get into work by 9am.

To change to this method, websites only have to ask 3 things: when do you usually commute? What transport do you use? How long do you want it to take?

TravelTime Waterloo Public Transport 30 Minutes

Case studies

The ability to personalise property searching is already being implemented by players large and small in the industry. Countrywide were the first to announce the success of searching by TravelTime, using the tool within their portal. Since the switch, the group have reported that minutes deliver 300% more conversions than the mile radius counterpart. In March, Zoopla also confirmed the power of searching with minutes, acknowledging that customers searching by time were 3 times more likely to convert than those using miles radius.

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Why do minutes mean more than miles?

Using TravelTime ensures that every result delivered is accessible for the searcher. This isn’t the case for miles radius because:

  • Miles radius assumes you can travel as the crow flies. Searchers are at the mercy of transport networks.
  • Miles radius assumes that it takes the same amount of time to travel 1 mile. But we know that congestion at different times of day makes this fluctuate.
  • Miles radius assumes we all travel the same way. Your buyers may prefer to walk, cycle, drive or take the bus.

Minutes mean more than milesWhat can be done using TravelTime?

TravelTime can do a lot more than just deliver minutes based search results. It gives families the ability find properties within a commutable distance from the locations that matter, and see their unique commuter area on a map or in a list. It can even give specific routing information for each journey – including directions to the property as well as an average cost and estimated carbon footprint.

Want to use TravelTime or want to learn more?

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