Desktop v Cloud v SaaS.

Last week the annual accountancy exhibition Accountex took place in London and proved that accountants aren’t afraid of change. Sage launched Sage Life, their new package that integrates all their small business solutions together along with social apps bringing accountancy to the ‘cloud’. If accountants, renowned as traditionalists are moving with the latest advancements in technology then there is no reason why the property industry can’t do the same too!

If you are wondering what this ‘cloud’ is, then, to put it simply, the internet is the sky and each website is a cloud holding information. This brings convenience to the workplace as everything from data to content, programmes and systems can be accessed through a web browser. All that is needed is an internet connection, no additional servers, hardware or expertise required.

The ‘cloud’ has been the buzzword in technology over the past couple of years, it has had its negative publicity (remember the iCloud hack last year) but advancements have given more stability and security to these online services.

Software is required when it comes to taking full advantage of computers but it can be expensive for both the development team and the customer. Being able to host packages, known as SaaS (Software as a Service) on the internet is cost-effective for both.

Some businesses see the ‘cloud’ as a fad, a cheap alternative which will never live up to what they consider to be tried and trusted desktop packages, however, others, notably small businesses find being able to access their software through the web on various devices a more efficient way to work and a monthly subscription is more affordable but what is best for you?


If you have been using property management software for a considerable amount of time you are probably used to having it stored on a computer or local server and don’t see the need to change. Why try something new when you have a system that not only works well but one that you understand? The desktop package might never go out of fashion especially for those who have bought the software outright with a large upfront cost.

There is often a knowledgeable support team on hand who for a monthly fee will help the software users however, this monthly fee can sometimes be more than what a SaaS costs.


  • Capable of doing large and complex processes
  • Secure
  • Owned outright
  • Well supported
  • Longevity


Software as a Service

Alternatively there are the ‘cloud’ packages. The SaaS option tends to be on a monthly payment plan, accessible through the web browser, suitable for small portfolios. If you use the cloud-based software for many years it is likely that you will end up paying more than you would have if you had bought desktop software but you won’t own it.


  • Accessible in the ever-growing WiFi areas on desktop computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets
  • Cheap
  • Easy set-up


A Bit of Both

Take a leaf out of Sage’s book and have the best of both worlds, a desktop package which is recognised for sustainability, quality and a lifespan with the ability to access it via the web.

They have given their well-renowned, secure desktop packages a new lease of life with the added incentive that it can be accessed whenever an internet connection is available on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. That means that businesses can allow their accountants to log in to their financials without having to book appointments, saving both time and money.

Will this be a huge benefit to you and your property management portfolio? You might not think so, you have managed to work without it for so long but you probably expected that the smartphone would be just another trend that would come and go, once you’ve had the taste you won’t remember life without it.

WiFi, the gift that keeps on giving.

What would you do?


Decorus for Sage is a sophisticated property management package driven by Sage for the desktop computer with accessibility via Cloud. If you would like to find out more on how the software can help you and your property portfolio please visit our website or call 0114 2307305.


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