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How to Manage Your International Property Portfolio Online

Buying or building properties to let has always been an attractive proposition to those who are looking to invest capital. Done properly the returns can be extremely healthy, plus over time the property will increase in value and can be sold making the process a win, win scenario. Developments in digital technology have revolutionised the property industry making it easier than ever before to buy, sell or let and with this in mind we investigate how to manage your international property portfolio online.

Developing an International Property Portfolio

In the first instance, finding properties to buy or develop has become a much simpler process. In years gone by it was the case that buyers would have to visit locations in person to view a property. Now of course much of the legwork can be done online with companies like GVA Worldwide leading the way when it comes to finding both residential and commercial real estate.

But finding properties to invest in is just the start of the story and for those who are wanting to develop a property portfolio online, there are a myriad of other considerations.

Marketing Your Properties

Marketing the properties that you have acquired is now also facilitated via online services. In travel and tourism, for example, the likes of Airbnb have developed platforms where inquiries, bookings and transactions can be made securely and with the upmost of ease. The mass audience that Airbnb and others like them attract means that occupancy rates are high and thus so are revenues.

To reinforce your formal marketing approach, using social media can also be effective. Posting pictures of your properties and other items, local news stories for example, can generate another stream of interest and drive traffic to the site you are using to let your properties.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Something that is key to sustained profits from letting a property is ensuring that is properly looked after. Cleaning and maintenance are paramount, particularly as occupants can now feedback publicly online. Luckily, now this can also be managed through the internet where you can find services that will take care of this for you – all it takes is for the costs to be factored into the business plan from the outset and then paid online either from your own account or via one of the fintech services such as PayPal.

Managing your international property portfolio online isn’t just an attractive option, it is essential for those who are looking to be a competitive player in this new look sector.

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