How to Pay Overseas Mortgage Payments

If you need to pay mortgage payments overseas, you have several options. Long gone are the days of postal snail mail, thanks to the internet and other technological advancements.

Business Transfer Money Service: PayPal

Businesses typically use PayPal to send invoices and collect payments from clients for online purchases. It is highly likely that your mortgage loan company offers an option to pay online since it is a business.

However, if you want to pay online through PayPal, your mortgage company must be able to accept PayPal payments. Contact them to find out.

Overseas payments may take a couple of extra days to arrive because it won’t transfer as fast as if you had made the payment to a domestic bank. Therefore, plan to make the transfer at least seven days in advance.

Before you make your decision, weigh the cost of the low fee against the cost of the exchange rates. This will help you determine the true costs of using PayPal to send payments overseas.

Consumer Transfer Money Service: Xoom

To address the money transfer needs of individuals, PayPal acquired Xoom. Matter of fact, it has specific steps on how consumers can transfer money internationally. You can pay bills on Xoom if the country accepts Xoom bill payments. Think of “overseas” locations as any country where you would need a passport.

Currently, the international countries that use Xoom are:

• Costa Rica
• Colombia
• The Dominican Republic
• El Salvador
• Guatemala
• Honduras
• Mexico
• Nicaragua
• Panama

Policies change sometimes, so check with Xoom to confirm that the country where you need to send a payment is still available or if new countries were added.

Currently, if your mortgage payment is more than $3,000 USD, you’ll bypass the minimum USD transfer fee.

Wire Transfer: Bank

Another way to send money, particularly large amounts of $10,000 USD or more, is through a bank wire transfer. It’s less worrisome than wondering if your check will make it overseas safely. Know that the receiving bank’s processing times may vary and take a few more days to complete.

A few special security rules are in place, and both sender and recipient must adhere to them before a wire transfer is made. Having a bank account is mandatory, of course. They’ll also want to confirm residential addresses and identities.

Transfer Money Service: Western Union

You can transfer money to your mortgage lender’s bank account with Western Union. You can also choose how to transfer money in three ways: online, mobile app, or in-person.

Other than bank transfers, you can use cash. If you desire to use your debit card or credit card to pay your mortgage overseas, that’s fine too.

The main difference between Western Union and other payment systems is that you have the ability to skip a bank altogether and pay with cash.

Fifty countries have Westen Union locations, so check if your mortgage lender accepts payments in one of those countries first.

Sending your mortgage payment internationally is easier nowadays. Financial institutions and transfer money services are working together to help you send and receive money safely and right on time.

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