7.5m pints of beer may end up down the drain due to lockdown

Pubs to close

Is this really going to be the final nail in the combined coffin of the hospitality and tourism industries? It is said we are facing the biggest health challenge of our life time and though the figures shared from the government do not sit well with many doubting the pandemic and motives of those in charge, we are seeing small businesses including shops/pubs/bars and hotels closing or being on the brink of.

This week has been a call to action from many public houses that beer will be going cheap until Thursday otherwise the drains will be seeing over 7 million pints poured their way.

Many pubs, restaurants, cafes and food outlets are not allowed to trade during lockdown, and they have lots of food and drink in stock that may well end up in landfill if they aren’t sold before Thursday”, explains Charlotte Green from waste company TradeWaste.co.uk

Will more pubs be closing now as they admit defeat and not able to survive a stop / start process that seems to be in progress with the government. Will restaurants and bars be simply a thing of the past? Can any business really survive being on lock down when they haven’t the ability to expand their services, ie offer take away foods?

Hotels are also suffering and my recent visits to London there seems to be an eerie atmosphere in many with most rooms empty and footfall non-existent.

Commercial property values are to decline?

It may just be a unique time and one that we will come out from soon, but it could be the fact that we are endlessly presented with a stop and start situation for business and our lives. Who we can and can not invite round our homes will be a normal question we ask of each other, can we risk pre booking a table at our local restaurant, can we plan for our holidays either home or abroad?

Businesses are doing their best to adapt and that means working form home and relying much more on the internet and technology. Office spaces empty and shops closed. What really is that value of the commercial space now?

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