How To Revamp A Property For WFH Buyers

How to add value to your home

With many companies who swiftly migrated to remote working in pandemic version 1.0 now deciding that employees can WFH (work from home) forever, making your property more appealing to remote workers caters to a skyrocketing buying niche.

But how do you redesign your property to appeal to remote workers without breaking the bank?

These tips on how to revamp a property for WFH buyers will help you get started.

Dedicated home office

Any potential buyer who has been balancing their laptop on their knees while their kids throw spaghetti at them for the past year will go wobbly at the knees once they spot a practical and stylish home office during their walkthrough. And if there’s reliable, high-speed broadband, they’ll probably need to sit down to control themselves!

If there’s space in a separate study with a door you can close, that’s delightful, but a home office unit that fits comfortably and subtly into a space in another room can do the trick too. Grab great home office design inspiration from Architectural Digest.

Natural light

Everyone and their aunty is telling remote workers to take breaks and get outside more – rightly so.

But the reality is that working from home can be even more demanding that working in an office, which means that when you can’t get outside for a stroll, ample natural light in your interior can boost your mood. Lighter coloured walls and shiny surfaces can maximise light, as can stone, wood or ceramic floors, while large windows or bi-folding doors are fantastic for letting that sunshine and Vitamin D in.

Fab furniture

Working at home means that you want your downtime in your domestic domain to be as luxuriant and laid-back as possible – which makes chic and comfy furniture and furnishings essentials rather than ‘nice to haves’.

If your décor is just ‘ok’, replacing a few key pieces could really maximise the property’s wow factor – luxe furniture brands like SM London are perfectly poised to help.

Cool kitchen

Ask anyone who’s worked at home for a few years what the most important room in their home is and chances are a fair proportion will confirm that it’s the kitchen.

The culinary engine room of the home, a well-designed kitchen is a calm space where remote workers can pop the kettle on, indulge in some R&R and bond with family and (restrictions permitting) friends. If your kitchen looks like it belongs in a museum, The Kitchen Partners can work their design magic on it.

With all of the above tips taken care of, your property will attract WFH buyers like bees to honey. And further, all of the above tips can help create a property that’s also attractive to people splitting their week between home and the office, or commuters who have a side hustle they run from home.

So what’s not to love? Get your property primed for WFH buyers today!

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