How to Sell Your Home for the Best Price

After spending many years at your address, you might have decided to take the plunge and put your property back on the market to start a new life elsewhere. It is, however, important you make tweaks and changes to your home prior to putting your home up for sale, so you can receive the best possible return on your investment.

To ensure you receive a substantial sum for your property, find out to sell your home for the best price.

Avoid Making Elaborate Alterations

It is imperative you don’t overspend when making alterations to your home, which could lead to you suffering a financial loss on your property. Most prospective homeowners are seeking a clean, light, and organised space, and the blank canvas could help them to envisage life inside your home.

So, rather than completely remodelling your kitchen, you should give your walls a lick of paint, deep clean your property and descale your belongings to create a more attractive, inviting space. You could even move your belongings into a self-storage unit such as the spaces provided by Cubic Storage when redecorating your home.

Make Minor Renovations to Your Rooms

Small renovations can make a big difference to your property’s sale price. For example, you could maximise your home’s value by installing:

• Wood flooring
• A double sink in your kitchen
• New bathroom fixtures (e.g. a new shower head or tap)
• Ceiling fans
• Energy-efficient windows

You also should aim to spruce up your front and back garden, and add a coat of paint onto your exterior. It can improve your property’s kerb appeal, which can provide house hunters with a great first impression of your home.

Choose the Right Estate Agent

It is wise to connect with various local estate agents to choose the right one for your property. Thoroughly research the different agents near you, as they can determine your property listing, selling rate, and the offer you will receive from prospective buyers. Also, you shouldn’t be afraid to negotiate on their fees and tie-in periods.

Identify the Best Time to Sell

The season you choose to sell can determine the offer you will receive and your property’s time on the market. For example, most people will go house hunting in spring, so they can move into their address once their kids are out of school for summer.

It is also important to sell your home when it has the most equity, so you can easily pay off your existing mortgage, cover the selling fees and pay for the cost of removal services. If you don’t, you might need to dip into your savings to make your dream of moving a reality.

So, before you put your home up for sale, follow the above tips to ensure you walk away with a superb return on your investment. The extra money could help you to pay off your new mortgage at a faster rate or could help you to fund home improvement projects at your new address.

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