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Howard Cundey Live funding on Crowdcube

The familiar brand of Howard Cundey are currently raising investment via the crowdfunding platform Crowdcube. The 24/7 online estate agency concept who recently moved from the high street to online and offer prices for selling your property starting from just £599 are seeking £200,000 for 16.17% equity.

A modest £1 million pound valuation and a niche sector of the market they are attacking though I am sure there are many bruised investors on Crowdcube following Emoov’s recent raise and soon after fold.

Crowdfunding is no easy exercise, mostly you are targeting consumer investors over any real angel investors and there are certain ways to go about gaining traction on the platform and success in achieving 100% funding and over-funding status.

Wishing them good luck! – Innovation and new ways to any industry should be embraced if even rebelled and ridiculed, some people simply do not like something which is new and it takes those who were brave enough to risk things during the founding years of a new concept in order to pave way for change.

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