How to improve workflow and increase production levels

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If you run a business or you are a manager then it is important that your business is running smoothly and efficiently. There are lots of ways to improve a business’s workflow and production levels, here are just a few:

Don’t multitask

Working on multiple complex tasks at the same time obstructs daily workflow severely. Your brain can go into overload by switching back and forth between tasks, which will slow down productivity on everything in general. Instead, focus on one task at a time, and don’t let the others distract you.


Communication is crucial for productivity in the workplace. If your team members don’t understand goals and tasks, they cannot complete them properly. Use a communication tool like keeping your companies’ long and shot term aims visible at all times.

Integrated delivery systems

If your business sends and receives lots of parcels then organizing them all can become overwhelming. But there are options to make business parcel delivery easier.

MyTNT is an integrated business delivery solution that allows you to quickly arrange your business parcel delivery, send multiple parcels and manage bulk-shipping orders.

With myTNT you can save time by not having to search for, and manually enter addresses. Add a delivery account with TNT and they can store such information and auto-fill your shipping documents next time you send something to that address.

Incorporate your business at all levels by giving access to MyTNT to several users. This gives you more flexibility to arrange anything from bulk parcel shipping to a specific business courier service.

Improve morale

Celebrate holidays, employee birthdays, and company achievements together. Or schedule a ‘Shiplt Day’. This allows employees to take 24 hours to work on any project they want. Inspiring creativity like this motivates employees because they get to do something they are passionate about. After the 24 hours, employees return to work feeling accomplished and happy.

Don’t take work home

Some employees take their work home with them because they think getting extra work done at night will improve daily workflow. It’s not true, though. Instead, the employee’s home life will suffer and lack of breaks will lead to increased distractions and exhaustion throughout the workday.

It takes time to stop what you’re doing and recalibrate your plans for completing assignments, but once you remind yourself of the original goals, you will be more effective and improve your daily workflow.

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