The increasing importance of Live Chat by Yomdel:

Written by Andy Soloman on - Marketing -

We are spending much more time online these days and especially now that we more or less all own smart phones with internet access. Grabbing someones attention whilst online is one of the smartest forms of advertising from viral video campaigns to prime position advertising on Google – Getting your brand in front of the target audiences equates to sales!

So with all this time and money spent on attracting people to your business online, should we simply let opportunities slip through our fingers when all the hard work has been done? By offering live chat on your website you are quite literally opening a channel of communication at the exact time a potential new client has your company / service in their mind so are more likely to be in a position to respond to questions… Compare this to telemarketing and you are trying to catch that one person at the right convenient time who just happen to be thinking about the product / service you are offering (much less targeted and less success ratings).

Many shopping website out there now use live chat to help potential new customers to make a purchasing decision so why not in the property industry too? With all the competition out there from traditional estate agents to hybrid, capturing the audiences you build online is becoming more important than ever!


See below a useful info-graphic from Yomdel based on data taken from the 2015 UK State of Multi-channel Customer Service Report, which shows the impact live chat is starting to have on the customer experience in the UK.

Author: Andy Soloman

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