Industry comments on banning of Section 21

Co-founder of ideal flatmate, Tom Gatzen, commented: 

Today’s news will bring a greater degree of security and stability to thousands of tenants across the nation and will ensure that any termination of a rental agreement is done fairly and with enough forewarning to enable alternative arrangements to be made.

As a nation, we rely so heavily upon the rental sector and as this need evolves so must the way we govern it. Ultimately we want to achieve a harmonious space that not only remains profitable for UK landlords but enables tenants to secure a property quickly and cost-effectively.

Of course, for those that don’t abide by the rules there must be consequences and while today’s news will help re-balance the landlord-tenant scales, it’s important that this doesn’t swing too far the other way.

Founder and CEO of Howsy, Calum Brannan, commented:

Any evolution of the UK rental market that benefits both tenant and landlord is a positive one but while we look to make it a more secure space for tenants, we also need to make sure these changes aren’t to the detriment of the landlord.

We’ve seen the impact caused by the Government through previous knee jerk policy implementations against the buy-to-let sector and the resulting reduction in rental stock actually entering the market as a result.

While this latest move has been made with the best intentions, it’s vital that the landlords themselves are also safeguarded so that we don’t further exacerbate this exodus of rental property providers. By removing their existing route to quickly evict genuinely poor tenants, we could well be doing so.

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