Interactive, 3D, aerial panorama used for the first time to market Wrexham farm

An aerial photograph of a property, farm or estate is nice, but what if that image was in fact a 3D, interactive, aerial panorama, allowing prospective purchasers to look 360 degrees around the property, with boundaries and areas of interest marked on to it …

Advances in drone technology mean this is now an option for agents wanting to offer an interactive view and highlight surrounding areas and amenities.

Click and drag here to navigate the Hope Hall aerial panorama.

Chartered surveyors Atchams, Shrewsbury, acting agents for the sale of Hope Hall in Wrexham, believe that the farm was the first in the UK to be marketing using this new 3D technology.

Atchams director Gareth Lay said: “It allows buyers to get a better feel for the topography, layout and scale of the property. It enables you to get up close and personal to the farm.”

To create the 3D panorama, drones were used to capture numerous stills that were compiled into an online montage. The data was then overlayed with the farm’s boundaries.

Kensson Aerial Imaging, Shropshire, who delivered the panorama for Atchams commented, “Potential purchasers really enjoy being able to ‘navigate’ around properties and get a new perspective. Agents always want to add value to their clients and this is a service which they are offering to help set them aside from their competitors”

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