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Is the Number of Bedrooms Your House Has Decreasing Its Value?

When it comes to property values, there’s a lot of factors which come into play. However, one thing you may not realise could be impacting your houses value, is the number of bedrooms it possesses.

The fewer the bedrooms the lower the value

Buyers typically look for a house with at least 3 bedrooms. Obviously, this isn’t always the case, but statistics do show the majority of buyers want a 3-4-bedroom property. This is because families obviously need enough space for both the parents and the children. Even buyers without children often want more than one spare bedroom so they can turn it into an office, games room or another type of personal space.

So, the fewer bedrooms your property has, the less buyers are going to be interested. This means, the value is decreased if you have 2, rather than 3 bedrooms available.

Will a large master suite matter?

If you do want to reduce the number of bedrooms in the property, could improving the master suite make a difference? Unfortunately, not! While large, lavish master suites were once highly sought-after, these days buyers are more interested in the number of bedrooms, rather than the size or design of the rooms.

So, before converting a bedroom into an additional bathroom, or splitting up two bedrooms into one, consider the potential damage it could do to your property’s value.

Consider turning your loft space into a bedroom

There are some upgrades you could consider adding if you do have a 1-2-bedroom property to increase its value. Turning your loft space into a bedroom is a fantastic example.

You will need to make sure it’s well insulated to keep the room warm during winter due to its proximity to the roof. Always choose high-quality insulation from a company such as CCF. This won’t just help you to add an extra bedroom, but it will also lower the houses energy bills too. This will definitely be an advantage for buyers and in turn will boost the value of the house.

As you can see, the number of bedrooms your house has could impact its value. The fewer bedrooms it has, the less it will be worth to potential buyers. So, look at ways to add new bedrooms such as a loft conversion and reconsider converting an existing bedroom into an entirely different living space.

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