Kicked out of their rental home because of baby

An headline in a national media outlet shows a young couple Catherine and Alex Phipps who claimed to have been kicked out of their rental home dues to a new baby. Only nine days after the birth of their bay boy Ellis, their bad experience with their landlord started when they were told they would need to leave and find somewhere else to live. The landlord stated that because of a previous situation that did not end up well they prefer no babies / children in their property. The tenants state that they feel the reason for them being kicked out is totally wrong and that their tenancy agreement did not inform them that children are not allowed.

Letting agency Andrews, following an inspection, noted the new arrival and informed the landlord – This caused the couple to have to use the break clause in their tenancy agreement in order to leave without facing fines.

Mr Phipps was quoted as saying he had deep disappointment in the regulations of the rental market around such issues as having a baby which is a normal family event which should not face penalties against.

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