Labour MP Chris Bryant made £649,500 in gross profit – Paid by YOU the taxpayer??

The Wales Online website has reported on yet another MP sitting handsomely on tonnes of property equity and cash thanks to the tax payer whom of course are not even respected enough to have their democratic vote respected hence the cesspit of a mess within the current government and house of commons / lords that we have today.

Anyway, it seems to be good news for Chris Bryant, Labour MP who is reported by Wales Online to have made a nice tidy sum of £649,500 in gross profit having sold two London flats and even rented out one of the flats when the rules changed helping him to claim £84,350 from the taxpayer to live somewhere else – Yes, you couldn’t make it up.

Who wouldn’t want to be an MP – It is a licence to print money it seems and also allows you to disrespect the actual people that voted you in as Chris Bryant was reported to have voted to remain in the EU “Chris Bryant voted for a permanent and comprehensive United Kingdom-wide customs union with the European Union.” whereas his constituency voted to leave by a majority of 53.7% to 46.3%.

Campaigners have demanded MP’s who have made profits from selling homes they’ve benefited from taxpayer support to run pay back the cash – Parliamentary rules though state that politicians are entitled to keep the money. Bryant declared that he had not profited from the taxpayer as he had owned the property prior to becoming an MP.

Full story on the Wales Online website.

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