Landlord Ban in London – A good idea?

Over in the EU and Berlin there are growing rumours that a ban on landlords is being pushed by renters due to increasing rental costs and the profits that property offer investors – People simply want the opportunity to live a decent life instead of living to work to increase the profits and better life of property owners / landlords.

So, in London, should we adopt a similar thought process? Why not look at this to cover the whole of the UK whereas making money from property and renters becomes a thing of the past or at least a very minimal money making opportunity riddled with taxes to include a massive % payment of property sold at profit by landlords?

For now it is Berlin, but we all know that trends can spread…

An interesting article written on this subject by Caitlin Morrison can be read here.

Tom Gatzen, co-founder of ideal flatmate, commented:

Despite the current political friction between London and Berlin, there’s a lot we could learn from the German rental market and their preference to prioritise the wellbeing of tenants.

That said, it’s important to remember that landlords are the cogs that help drive the rental market and it would be foolish for the Government to consider a further attack on them and the London rentals market at a time where stock is scarce, and rents continue to increase as a result of their previous endeavours. The focus should be a more harmonious sector where the barrier between landlord and tenant is reduced rather than increased.

To compare apples with pears and consider a Berlin-style ban on those that are currently supporting the London rental market in what are very tough conditions would be foolish and would only see rents climb higher as a result.

Tom Gratzen comments provided by James Lockett – [email protected]

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