Landlord left with £2,500 clear up bill

It is every landlords nightmare to have that tenant from hell situation where you are both owed back dated rental fees and where you are having to seek help to rid them from your property.

An experienced landlord from Mablethorpe, Mr Lillepa, lived this recently where a court deadline was imposed on his tenants which had expanded from a mother and child to five children, two further adults and a collection of pets which was against the rental agreement terms.

It is understood that the tenant left the property as ordered though still owing £3,000 of rent along with leaving dwelling in a total mess to include broken windows, rubbish everywhere to include faeces. The overall cost to rid the property of the left over ‘rubbish’ is quoted as being £2,500 let alone the repair fees and redecoration needed.

Sometimes it is not good to be a landlord!

Full story to include interview with Mr Lillepa on Louthleader website.

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