Letting and Estate Agents: Don’t make me think.

As the Internet has evolved and website engagement has progressed, your Internet presence can no longer be a static entity. Visitor expectation has increased hugely over the past decade and your company profile can be seriously damaged by presenting a poorly designed, outdated website. There are few industries where this is as pertinent as for letting agents.

If we take the analogy of your website being your showroom, the same principles apply. Your website needs to be a constantly evolving presence – communicating effectively to your potential clients the very latest your company has to offer.

Keeping with the same analogy, we know that a well-designed showroom entices customers and engenders them with a sense of confidence and trust in your business. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true – poor design, clutter and confusing information will deter your potential client base from enthusiastically engaging with your company.

In the enhanced environment of the online world, visitors are conditioned to be even more critical; opinions are formed in split seconds and second chances are practically non-existent. Your window of opportunity is tiny, so you need to be on top of your game to stand any chance of capturing those potential clients.

The renowned information architect Steve Krug sums this up succinctly with the title of his book “Don’t make me think” which provides readers with a common sense approach to web usability.

The basic premise of his book is that business websites should at no point make users have to think. The design and flow of your website should guide your visitors with ease, providing them with a seamless and simple experience. Your website must be accessible and grounded with a clear purpose.

So what is the purpose of your website? The easiest way to work this out is by asking how you can meet the needs of your potential clients while exceeding their expectations.

Make searching quick and easy

Property Agencies need to communicate their portfolio; potential clients want to find properties that meet their criteria. This should be the key function and starting point of your website. You need to provide an easy search function, filtered by key points, that returns relevant results quickly and easily.

Simplify your booking system

The key to successful online engagement is to make everything as quick and easy for your visitors. A click of a button to arrange a viewing is much faster than a phone call. In the fast paced online world, speed and ease is key!

Integrate your online and offline

Once you’ve captured that viewing, your system should easily integrate with your office schedule. As soon as your enquiry comes in, a couple of clicks can send a confirmation and book it into your office schedule. This is the level of online integration that your clients expect.

Don’t forget your existing clients

While capturing new clients should be your websites key goal, most lettings or estate agents sites completely miss the opportunity to serve existing clients.

Your website has the potential to completely transform the way in which your business communicates with current clients; providing them an efficient, easy to us portal for managing their services with you.

With Landmax pro, you can easily add a sign-in button to your website, allowing your clients to log-in and view their properties, tenancies, payments and much more.

Landlords can login to check their latest rent statements or contractors prep their next day of assigned jobs, reacting to issues raised by tenants through your mobile site that same night – all recorded directly to your account, ready for your staff to action or follow up.

Make sure your site is mobile and tablet friendly

With over 57% of adults now accessing the Internet on a mobile device, according to Ofcom, it’s crucial that your website is fully responsive and accessible no matter what device a visitor is using. With landmax.pro, we build responsive designs that ensures your website is completely accessible to any device, be it mobile phone, laptop or desktop.

Ensuring that your website looks good is important, but equally, the design needs to complement your business process. At no point should your website impede your priority, client engagement. Just remember the “Don’t make me think” mantra – guide your visitors to where you want them and what you want them to do.


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