London prices fell by 1.5% in January

More negative news adds to the fuel of Brexit and what exactly will the UK being doing come March 29th – London prices have fallen 1.5% in January with an overall monthly raise across the country of 0.4%.

It is now mainstream news that London prices are falling and that many other parts of the UK are seeing similar negative growth, slowed down growth with just a few areas showing ongoing price increases most notably the North and the Midlands.

The South East is said to have risen just 0.2% which of course is still positive, though compared to what prices have been rising by in recent years this is obviously passed off as a worrying increase.

What is Theresa May going to do re Brexit, is a No Deal likely or will Corbyn simply rage at such a proposal, maybe this all plays in to a new party’s hands such as what we hear from previous UKIP leader Nigel Farage has up his sleeve with this new pro-Brexit party should leaving the EU be delayed or attempted to be cancelled.


Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking and an internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Twitter and LinkedIn. Writes about UK property prices, housing and affordable homes.

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