How to make money from being a full time Blogger

It seems to me that I have been blogging for most of my working life and it has in-deed played such a big part of my working life combined with social media, video and photography – I have always loved to grab content and to share it online and this is what has led me to create several respected news and informational blogging style websites.

I usually get asked how I earn money and why do I spend so much time on social media and blogging so I thought I would share some key reasons why blogging is in fact a full time job and it can provide you with an income:

How to make money from blogging:

  • Decide what you wish to blog about such as in what industry sector and what the subject you wish to work on.
  • Create yourself a blog / website news channel (this can be done free with easy to use ‘do it yourself’ options or you can outsource the work at cost).
  • If you can, also back your blogging up with social media accounts.
  • If you can, think about using your own photography / videography to compliment the content you share online (blogging / social media sharing).
  • Build your reputation / authority / respect online by creating and posting regular content to your website and on social media.
  • Interact with relevant businesses / people in your industry that you are blogging about such as searching for and communicating on social media those who’d be interested in what you are sharing so to increase your exposure / readers / followers / fans / comments / subscribers etc
  • Once you have built sufficient content and website visitors / social media followers, decide which income streams you wish to offer on your website in order for people to put their businesses in front of the visitors your website attracts.
  • Do not give up, make sure you continue to add content daily, do not become lazy, if you have a spare hour at home – Think about blogging!

Can you really make money by blogging?

Yes for sure you can and I have seen it in the real world and seen the lifestyles that some full time bloggers enjoy thanks to being a respected author in their industry. You will though need to put time and effort in to making money and usually it is down to how much time you put in will determine how much money you can make.

Thousands upon thousands of marketing / PR agencies out there are always looking for websites to share content on and many will be working for clients that need to get on as many websites as possible to increase their ranking so once you have a blog and a busy website, you will start to find you will be receiving enquiries from agencies to add sponsored content to your website.

How do bloggers make money – Just by writing blogs?

It goes back to them writing blogs and running social media accounts yes (that is the work you have to put in), but actual ways to generate money include:

  • Sponsored blog content – agencies pay for you to feature their blogs with live follow links on your blog / website.
  • Paid to blog – You will be requested to write content for agencies and can charge for this.
  • Banner Advertising – If you are generating good target traffic then you can offer banner placement adverts on your blog / website which agencies / companies will pay for.
  • Affiliate Marketing – You can work with companies who will pay you for referrals that come via your blog / website (software tracks leads generated from your website).
  • Become a marketing expert – You can offer out your services to other keen to learn bloggers / companies to teach them how to do exactly what you have done! What about creating an eBook?

Other perks include:

  • Reviews – You can be in a position, depending which industry you have selected, where you receive items / services for free in order to review on your website.
  • Paid to visit / Travel – Again, depending on the industry you have selected, you will be offered to visit, review locations internationally if you have a respected blog.
  • TV / Radio / Newspapers / Magazine – If you build a respected blog then doors in national and international press / media can come your way, ie invited to talk on a radio show about the subject you blog about.

How much money can bloggers make?

All of these options will of course very much depend on the subject you blog about and the size of your audience / credibility. I have given an average idea of prices:

  • Sponsored Blogs shared on your website: £15 – £150 per blog. I know some blogging website that charge £1,000 +
  • Writing blogs for third parties – You can charge anywhere between £50 – £200 to write content for third parties to host on your website.
  • Banner Adverts – Usually between £100 – £1,000 depending on positioning.

I have varied blogging website and my average for them is £50 per sponsored blog, £200 for writing and posting content and average of £400 per banner.

Please remember that earning money from your blogging will not happen immediately, it can take several months before you start to see your first £’s coming in and on average can take around two/three years before your website / blogging website can offer you a full time salary.

All the prices above will also very much depend on frequency to decide if you will be making enough money from blogging to class it as your full time salary. I would say an average full time blogger will make around £25,000 yearly, though the positive about this is that as each year goes by your audience will be expanding, content increasing, respect improving and business enquiries growing. Also, it is important to realise that you will be building a blog / website that also has a business value so if you get to a point that many do in that you earn over £100,000 a year and hold sizeable audiences then that ‘business’ could be worth £500,000 +

Things to note and consider:

  • Certain blogs can give you bad credibility such as those related to and contain links for gambling.
  • Many agencies who will contact you will be from abroad (though most will have very good spoken and written English).
  • Many will request to pay you via PayPal so make sure you have an account created.
  • There is no ‘correct way’ to become a full time blogger, though it will mostly require you to be consistent with unique new content (do not try and copy other peoples content) and then working out for yourself the best way to generate income streams from your website.
  • Many people start their journey in blogging from a hobby or a passion. If you want to enter the world of blogging then chose a subject you love and enjoy so that it will seem less of a chore and more of a relaxing past time.

If you are interested in placing ‘property themed’ content on this website then the charge is £49 + VAT and your content is also shared to Twitter where we have 36,000 + followers, LinkedIn where we have 13,900 + members and Facebook where we have 9,000 members! Please contact +44(0)1206 700888 or email



Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking. Internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Social Media. Writes about UK property prices, housing, politics and affordable homes.

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